Month: November 2013

Those Without

“We must care for the poor,” the cry rings out, especially during financial crises or political campaigns. But that phrase is more complicated than it used to be: today, “the poor” are subdivided into “the working poor,” “unemployed poor,” ‘underemployed… Read More ›

Take It Easy

“I’m busy.” “Stuff to do.” Errands to run. Working late. People to see, meetings to attend, gifts to buy, stores to check out – all the while “grabbing something to eat,” making calls, and, of course, checking text and voice… Read More ›

I Grew Up In Church, But…

When is the last time you talked to someone about “church,” or “going to church”? I’ve noticed that, of the people I’ve been in contact with, more people than not have had some prolonged exposure to church – either they… Read More ›