Month: April 2015


OK, I’m finally biting the bullet and writing what everyone over 30 has been complaining about. And this won’t be the last time I write about it, just so you know. Call it The Stuff We Hear, The Vast Conspiracy… Read More ›

Meet Me

Hello. It’s nice to meet you. By way of introduction, I’m…Me. I always hesitate to say my name because it’s kind of weird. But my parents gave it to me probably without thinking of the ramifications. As far as my… Read More ›

Why Terrorists Can’t Win

The latest, greatest terrorist threat to world peace forever and the survival of mankind is Islamic State (ISI). That’s tongue firmly planted in cheek, but hopefully you get the drift. Terrorism has always been the Big Bogeyman to safety and… Read More ›

Debt Forgiven

Everyone has messed up. It doesn’t matter the venue, circumstance, or relationship, we’ve all blown it. Remember the last time you put a dent in your relationship with someone – a sharp word, an argument, perhaps a misunderstood  comment? Maybe… Read More ›