Month: June 2015

The Silly Season

Gear up, Americans! It’s The Silly Season! Time to dust off the old rose-colored glasses and get ready for the quadrennial festival that has become the American Presidential Election. The Presidential Election: it’s a hybrid event – not especially happy,… Read More ›

The Good Dad

Search for the words (without quotes) “men seen as stupid in commercials” and you’ll get something like 36 million results. You’ll see articles like “‘Dumb Men’ Commercials: We Still Lose;” “Why Do Commercials Think Men Are Idiots?;” and “Dumbing down… Read More ›

He Said, She Said

On the June 1, 2015 airing of MSNBC’s “The Cycle” program, the hosts and guests of the program were praising the “coming out” of Caitlyn Jenner, aka Bruce Jenner, the Olympic champion turned champion of transsexualism. One of the hosts… Read More ›