Month: July 2015


Traffic drives me insane. Don’t judge, it drives everyone insane. Why? Because sitting in a car, going nowhere and completely at the mercy of others, is one of the most frustrating experiences a person can have. We’re on a mission,… Read More ›

A Little Goes A Long Way

For some, the replacing of the handshake with the “fist bump” is a bit awkward. First, it’s embarrassing when someone holds out their fist and you try to shake it. Then, it’s even more awkward as the shaker tries to… Read More ›

The Case For Faithfulness

Before you were born, God knew you’d be reading this. Mind-blowing, huh? In fact, the God of Christianity knew everything that would happen in all of history before there was a “history.” Here’s how the Bible puts it:  “See, the… Read More ›