Month: May 2016

Self-Absorption Nation

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say America is at once one of the most generous nations on earth and an extremely self-absorbed one. When natural disasters happen anywhere in the world, Americans are there in droves, packing and unpacking… Read More ›

The Choice

Imagine this: You’re single and in your forties or fifties. Jesus comes to you in a vision and tells you that if you follow Him, you’ll be single for the rest of your life. What would you say? I’ve been… Read More ›

False Advertising

They’re still doing it: hiring managers are still asking that terrifying stumper, “What is your greatest weakness?”. As both a student of history and a former reader of self-help books, I can’t help but think of the crowds of business… Read More ›

Potty Policy

My first thought when I heard about Target’s announcement on April 19 to react against the ‘anti-LGBT legislation” was “here we go again.” My next thought was of an image of a car skidding down an oil-covered slope towards a… Read More ›