Ah…No You Didn’t

Senator Al Franken bellowed in the Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings last week that, “I used to make a living identifying absurdity.” Ummm, sorry, Al – no, you didn’t: you made your living as a comedian. While pointing out absurdities can be part of a comedian’s repertoire, making people laugh (sometimes with really stupid statements like his book title “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot”) was what made him money. Journalists make a living by pointing out absurdities. Franken, having done nothing more elevated in his life than stand-up comedy before his election to that august body, is just a jester in the king’s court. And, while I admire him for putting his money where his liberal mouth is, the likes of Daniel Webster and Robert Byrd are surely doing about 1200 RPM in their graves right now, seeing that someone of Franken’s intellectual capacity (measured in atomic weight) or background could ever be allowed to inhabit the chambers of the world’s greatest deliberative body.


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