Trump Misses The White House Correspondent’s Dinner: “Sore Loser”?

At the White House Correspondent’s dinner just over a week ago, the host, Hasan Minhaj, skewered Trump for being a sore loser by not attending the event.

Well, let’s see what has happened since Mr. Trump got elected: Madonna said she has thought about blowing up the White House; Robert de Niro declared that he’d like to punch Trump in the face – commenting about Trump, “he’s so blatantly stupid;” Vice-President (yes, the former Vice-President of the United States!) Biden gassed that he wanted to take Trump out “behind the gym;” His fellow Republican Mitt Romney famously and vehemently attacked him during the campaign; and in just one of many videos made by celebrities attempting to devitalize Trump (including this one), Jason Alexander did a perfect George Costanza when he pleaded with the electors of the Electoral College to try to vote for anyone but Trump. Certainly not in this Boomer’s lifetime has there been such widespread hatred voiced, so loud and so often, against a sitting President, inflamed by school burnings and municipal civil servants openly defying the law and encouraging others to do so.

Now — given these circumstances, would you sit through a “fun” little parodying of yourself attended by some of the very people who would openly rejoice at your beating or death? That wouldn’t be a roast – it would be an immolation.


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